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Our tutors are ready to help you achieve your academic goals. We specialize in Grade 8 to Grade 12 CAPS Curriculum. Whether it is your goal to pass or become brilliant at Maths – we are able to help you.

We offer online individual and group classes. 

Individual Class

Our tutors are patient, fully bilingual and ready to help you in your understanding. 

Individual classes are recommended for those who are aiming to outperform their classmates of those who have fallen behind and need additional assistance


Group Class

We offer discounted rates for groups from the same school. This option is particularly valuable during exam preparation ‘Scrum sessions’ as we work through previous exam papers.

Classes up to 4 students


Multi hour Scrum sessions


Grade 12 Past Papers

Head on over to our downloadable Collection of Past Grade 12 Papers with Memorandums. This is the best place to start preparing to pass your exams.

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There will always be science, technology and engineering but there will always, always be mathematics.

- Katherine Johnson -


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